A Fool's Errand

The Inversion of Privacy

One weird thing about being alive today is watching privacy turn itself inside out. Previously your identity was private by default, and your public identity was shaped by what you

#GoT, Pre-Finale

There was one moment on last night's episode where I was satisfied the way I used to be satisfied: Qyburn being killed right in the middle of asserting his authority,

Sekiro is so good

I sometimes like to imagine what a video game is like from the perspective of the game’s bad guys, facing off against me and wondering what the hell is

1000 Days

A lot of the benefits of sobriety can come pretty much immediately for the serious drinker. Health is the obvious one - no more non-stop hangovers, no more morning panic

My Debt in 2018

One terrible preconception I had about self-destructive behavior is that there is something out there called "rock bottom", some immovable floor that guarantees that your suffering can not get any